24k gold grow possibly the last grobo grow

Started another grobo grow before my new grow box comes. Looking forward to growing multiple
Plants at once. Day 14.


Ok. So having some issues with this grow. My ec says 2.6. And I’m getting spots on my leaves. Any ideas? Maybe calcium? I’m using micro grow and bloom as usual.

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Your groblo does not just all the sudden drain on you mine does all the time unplugged ph and ec probe hoping it would not but no success how you get yours to work can’t even grow one plant to get some money back

Looks like a gen 1. Gen 2 only boxes I know that do the random draining.

I’m not sure what you’re talking about with draining. I never said anything about draining. :man_shrugging:t2:

Was asking if yours does because mine does all the time

I’d just cut them off the others looks healthy

Yes but it keeps happening. Happened with the last water change. Was good for a bit then more sleeves haven’t them. And it should be way taller than what it is. Something is definitely wrong.