4 x 4 + Grobo. A calculated risk?

Old Grobo, new AC Infinity setup.

Grobo currently running a White Widow Auto. Doing awesome.

The tent is a different story.
4 in soil are 10+ year old SoCal bag seeds! Peroxide and water soak then paper towel method. Popped all 4 in 48 hours. Looks like 3 Indys and 1 Sativa. Rolling the dice and watching them super close. The Sativa is a little shit, however. Doesn’t do well with the lights at 80%. Likely craptastic genetics. Moved her towards the side of the light coverage. Risky, i know, but we gonna find out what is what. We’re on ball watch for all 4.

*Lived in SoCal for 20 years and saved every seed we ever came across. Needless to say, after living through the span from illegal to medical to legal, and being 2 of us daily smokers, we’ve collected tons of seeds. Some were from known growers. Some from high dollar dispensaries. Some from “desperate midnight run out to the dessert to meet some dude a friend of a friend knows” weed, lol. So it really is going to be a gamble to see what these 4 pop out in the end. Kinda nervous and kinda excited.

2 in bubble buckets are OG Kush Fast Autos. They had some transfer shock moving to the buckets but are doing much better. On nutes and cal-mag now.

These pics are almost 2 weeks old. I’ll post some updated ones in a bit.



That’s a nice tent set up hydro and soil a see 5x5 tent ?

it’s a 4x4. I lost 2 of the soil indicas last night (turned male). They were mystery bag seed anyway so I wasn’t expecting much. The buckets are autos. The seedling is an auto as well. Hoping to get at least 4 going for a nice holidays harvest.

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Would like to see the end result

Bummer news. A harvest will have to wait for another grow. This one turned male on me 2 days ago so I pulled it.

The root system is beautiful for such a small growing compartment. Alas, time to use a known good fem auto in there instead of mystery bag seed. :joy:

For anyone keeping count, the old ass bag seed is currently running 2 females out of 5. Had 2 turn male that were in FF soil, and one in the Grobo which is essentially a bubble bucket hydro setup. All on the same nutrients, ph RO water, cal-mag, good lighting etc etc. No excuses.

Some days you’re the windshield, some days the bug.

I was the bug Tuesday, lol.