Alternatives to grobo

I’ve been looking into these 3 companies was wondering if anyone had any recommendations

1.) Mary ag
2.) Seedo
3.) Hey abby

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Im running mine till its a brick. But Id be interested in getting another auto grow box if it has less issues than these did.
Keep us posted.


I belive seedo is not around anymore

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I really thinking the hey abby anyone heard of this one used this one?


I just have to ask why not just get a small tent for 1 plant? Your Quality will be better and you don’t have to worry about companies going bankrupt.

Seedo’s as you mentioned went bankrupt and screwed over a lot of users.

Grobo actually capitalized on that market and then screwed the Seedo users again.

Which a tent this can’t happen your in control.

hey abby doesn’t look anything special to me. The only thing Grobo unit had going for it was it controlled the pH. I don’t see anywhere in their site with Ph controls that would be done manually.

Just my thoughts.

MaryAg. I have 2 beta units and 2 sealed new in box production units. I don’t like the design.

You want any of these 4 units for a deal let me know. No ph control on MaryAg also


My biggest issue is i really dont want to deal with soil and most tents are soil based


And another thing im hoping for something where i do not have to mix the nutrients


MaryAg is out then you have to mix your feed

You don’t have to grow with soil in a tent if you didn’t know


Hi @timmy …imo, a tent is the BEST alternative to a grobo with superior results

the complete tent set above is under $200 on Amazon :money_mouth_face:

one simple hydroponic :droplet: DWC bucket inside the tent worked well

nutrient mixing :test_tube: was thought to be complicated but found out to be pretty easy and not time consuming (5 min per week)

best to you on your future growing :potted_plant:


@ChicagoCypher_CC which tent setup is that?


topolite 16"x16"x48"

vivosun 4" inline fan and 4" carbon filter combo

mars hydro ts600

it was a very small tent …similar size to the grobo…this set up is now listed at $206


Thx! Already have the fan and filter so not bad.