Anyone sell or get rid of any yet? No bad talk, just curious. :>

I might be getting rid of 1 of my 3 today. I paid $1000 for it refurbished and it never once worked. I am selling it for $400 cash with some “trade” too :grinning: I am OK with it as after all the repairing, taking a part and adding things to try to get the new G2 to work before, I don’t want to go thru it again. $400 is more than OK plus some extras.

He only wanted the shell, not even the container in it, as it had the water level sensors attached. I removed everything just now and hoping he will pick it later.

2 left, 1 should still work so am holding on to it to maybe sell for more later if they reopen. The 2nd was the G2 and no way going to ever work again the fan went, air pump, drain and fill stopped then it died.