Autopot experiences?

Has anyone tried using the Autopot system? Thinking of giving it a try.

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Worth every penny! Love the system. Add R/O water and nutes and let the magic happen. I invested in a blue labs ph controller for ph stability. Added a cheap mix pump to the bottom of the tank to keep nutes mixed. I top feed/water for the first week after transplant then open the valve for the system. Co co perlite mix works well from Mother Earth. I also like the fabric pots apposed to the hard but that’s just me. Also get the airdromes and air pump for the pots. When I removed them From the pot after my last grow the root growth around the domes were crazy. Good luck hit me up if you have any questions. Clay balls around the domes work best. Good luck.


Thanks. Getting a jump on grobo control dying and working on a tent setup.