Blue Dream Feminized Started in Grobo now in 5 Gallon DWC with Homeade Trellis and GrownTent

I started a Blue Dream feminized seed 86 days ago in my Grobo premium. I am finally in the flowering stage and am on day 36 of 72. I have had many successful grows in my Grobo and I absolutely love it. But, I grabbed a 5 Gallon bucket and a SF7000 spider farmer LED (650 Watt) and the results are nuts! I also switched over to General Hydroponics Flora series Nutrients. I use Calimagic and Atari Bloombastic now that I am in Flowering week 4. I will attach pictures of what the plant looked like in the Grobo and I will also attach pictures of the plant and its progress. I made my own trellis net and also made my own Grow tent/ Room. I used duct work and sealed off a vent in a spare bedroom that I have upstairs at my house. I ran the ductwork into the Grow room that I made from 1 by 4s and 1/2 “ reflective siding from Home Depot. I also installed a I living exhaust fan to help with the heat and humidity. Keep in mind that the plant has only been under the LED for 36 days. I was using Grobo nutrients up until 24?days ago when I switched to General Hydroponics. P.S. if you rubn out of Grobo nutrients and you don’t want to pay $100 dollars for 5 Bottles then order GH Flora Micro, Flora Gro and Flora Bloom. GH Ph up is blu and goes in bottle one. GH PH down goes Jin bottle 2. Micro in 3 Gro in 5 and Bloom in 4. Hope you enjoy the pictures. I will keep posting pictures all the way until I am putting it in the air!

I posted pictures of my first row in the Grobo and I did Girl Scout cookies and they came out absolutely amazing. As long as you keep everything clean and calibrated those boxes work like a charm. But with my current progress, just figured I would share both sides of the coin. if anybody needs any Grobo nutrients or sensors, please feel free to reach out.

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