Bottles not dispensing

Haven’t use my grobo in a while the app is working fine so far I’m in early vegetation 5/14 but the bottles aren’t dispensing the nutes only bottle 5 is dispensing is there a way to fix this where all bottles dispense or is this a app problem

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My gen one is ok. You have a gen two?
@Grobo from citizens is working on getting things running properly. They would be the ones to help you. If you’ve already exhausted all your unplug and reset options. There also on the discord and Reddit.

I have a gen one besides unplugging it what are the other reset options it’s been so long since I use it I forgot lol

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Have you tried holding the button in until the light turns green? And then reconnect to WiFi. While it’s green go to your WiFi settings and allow grobo connection. On you phone it should give instructions once you get the light green.

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I needed to go through the wi-fi setup process above to get mine working.

Check the dispensing hoses that go over and into the water tank. Mine have pinched off here and would not allow nutes in water.

It is better to do manualy

Ok great. What is your process? Water change then add. Can you expand on that might help out. Thanks

I mix my nutes in gallon jugs and add what i need to add usually 2 gallons

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