Bruce Banner Auto Part 2

Day 30 of my new grow after the failed 1st attempt. Doing dosing myself, so it’s been lots better and not as stressful! Don’t have to worry about grobo going haywire and destroying my hard work this time!


Looks like it is doing good!


Day 36 Going into flower soon. She’s about a foot tall at this point.


Hope mine gets like that


I stopped using grobo nutes and dispenser all together. I’m just manually adding my own nutes and it’s seem alot healthier then my last 1. I had that same thing happen to my last one. I had no nutes left and no ph or ph tester so i had no choice but to end it. I’m well prepared now. Hope u got lucky in Vegas and with ur new grow!


Day 40 3rd day of flower. She’s very bushy but I’m not gonna cut her just been tucking bigger leaves. Just gonna let her do her thing. Fighting high humidity got a dehumidifier but it’s not helping on the inside of box.


Do you still just have the one Grobo fan? You could always add another to boost your air flow and maybe help with the humidity?


Do you always have to adjust ph and what should my ppm be at early veg

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Yea still have the 1 fan. I thought about another to put down bottom. Might end up doing that. I’m gonna be str8 up with u John… I only check my ph at drain and fill. Everytime I’ve checked it thru the week it’s stayed damn near perfect I also us distilled water so it helps. She’s so big now that I can’t raise the lid to check ph daily but she seems very healthy. As for ppm in veg it should be 800 to 900 for veg. To be honest I’ve ignored the ppm all together. She seems to be growing fine. I found the less shit I worry about the easier it seems to grow. I kinda did it my own way this time, my first grow I was so worried about everything!