Can I still grow in my GROBO?

Hello i’ve been sick for a few months and have not been able to grow , I tried to sign in to grobo and says they will be back? Does any one know what happen? What can I do now? Will i still be able to use the machine … I have alot of nutes, filter preplacements and coco pods , will it continue to keep track of my grow? @SilverGrobo @FireGuy @

@handymanny - It will continue to work until the servers are no longer running.
You can grow but the only tech support you can get is here and the Discord site.

You can read more about what happened to Grobo on the Discord site, but im not sure if this link will work.

They went out of business mine still works but always drains for no reason I know have a pot of soil it is doing good

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that’s how I use it now always killed everyone before