Cannot connect to Hard Reset for Grobo

Hello all,

In search of some help if anyone has experience with this issue.

Had to unplug unit due to hiccup during water change. Now, i cannot get unit back online to

I see this screen. Has anyone had luck with this or know how to hard reset the unit?

Many thanks in advance.

@ogkush415 Are you using the app there?
You need to use the website now.

Hi Crasch,

I have been using the website but during a water change, i accidentally hit drain after the drain was completed. The drain would not stop so i had to unplug my unit.

After plugging back in, I was able to fill water back but the airstone stopped working, lights shut off and wonr turn back on and i cannot get the Grobo back online now.

I unplugged grobo many times as well as my network reset a few times.

The grobo is flashing blue light as if it was connected online, the unlock and light buttons work but no airstone or lights.

I tried multiple devices and laptop to connect but no luck.

My machine seems to be in standby mode.

Any other suggestions?

Thank you for replying, truly appreciate you.

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Same thing just happened to me after I harvested my last grow. Looks like the the lack of maintenance to the server is finally causing problems. Seems like it is getting stuck in fill mode/drain and not switching back to grow; so the lights and air stone don’t get activated. Without lights operational it is pretty much a useless cabinet. I had my unit since 2018, so just chalking it up to a loss at this point. Let me know if you find a work around.


It’s gone. I hooked up my grobo to see these problems and yes it’s over I believe. No connection. @Gmann9116 is having similar issues. His nutrients are all outta whack. Time to move on guys so you don’t get continuously screwed by grobo.
I made the same comment to Gmann. No one is maintaining the machine. So recalibrating a bad machine doesn’t work. :wink:


Yes, I was about to post a new thread. Mine is responding to the website, but the light is off. It will change colors when i unplug it and plug it back in but it wont turn back on.


Hey everyone. Thank you for your input and replies. I’m angry but I’m not that angry it’s just sad how everything went down with this.


I almost had a cost effective run with 3 years worth of grows. Actually; it was worth it just for the experience.
Now I have this fancy almost worthless box im going to try to turn into a mini hydro tent/locker. Might even try to automate it with a Rasberry Pi.


Maybe the new owners are doing some server maintenance and it will come back online again. I guess Ill keep trying once a week, till I rebuild it.


All my grobo’s are down aswell. I have 4 from day one. Was a good learning curve for me when they worked well. But yeah probably time to move on to bigger and better things. :wink:

My lights on 2 of them are out of whack, and yeah airstone don’t work. And the other 2 same problem as others. no lights, and no air stone. The control of the app is outta whack aswell.

One thing I do notice is the machines can still be used for drying purposes, at least for now.
All the machines can be modified where they can still be used for manual use, but if your going to take that effort, might aswell do a bigger grow, i.e tent grow. imo

Mr. 420 :wink:


@Mr.420 Just making sure you and the rest see the other threads an update on discord.

All your grobos should be working fine now! If not, email me [email protected] or ping me on discord.


God Bless your soul!!

I just cut down my dead tree this morning and replanted.

Thank you so much for updating!


That’s great news!! :wink: Ok will start up all 4 this Tuesday and go from there.
Thank you for the info!!

Mr.420 :wink:

To address this issue, recall the need to add a extended antenna to the motherboard on the Grobo box. The wifi adapter is weak. What works for me has been unplugging for 30 seconds to a minute, power on,hold button until it turns a solid green. Also, That troubleshooting also required rebooting my router at times. I feel thankful that i can still connect to the box from the mobile app and from desktop.