CO2 product for tent

What co2 product do people prefer for a tent grow? I have the pro co2 and the mushroom bags but don’t see a big difference with either in the co2 monitor.

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I’m having that same dilemma. I confirmed by shutting any exhaust and still had low readings. My bag only produces CO2 for four months. Last two months are lagging only about 800-700. I use CO2 Emitting Reishi Mushroom Kits… I think the beginning is the best. I’m still doing C02 testing at home and I think I will try the self activated exhale bags. They claim to be the longest lasting and claim 1300 ppm.
ExHale CO2 EX50003 Exhale 365-Self Activated CO2 Bag, 365
This is the C02 monitor I use. It’s affordable and accurate. Customer service is outstanding. You have to let it set for a couple days to get acclimated.
We’ll since we’re on the subject here’s what I’ve found about my C02 monitor.

There’s a garage reading. My home in the morning reading and when I crack the garage door and open backyard slider a bit I get a fresh air flow it goes down quickly. If you blow in it it goes up quickly to 2500-3000. Grow readings were 900 and something. I had flicker issues with the light.
Here’s some information I’ve found.
Also this monitor has a spot for a rechargeable 1650 battery. It’s not in the instructions. I figured it out and customer service confirmed. This way I can unplug it and put it in my space to check it and then plug in to charge again.
I got this kit.
Victagen Universal Smart…
Didn’t need the charger but also this charger works on AA-AAA rechargeable batteries.


No matter what I try, I rarely top 600 ppm.

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