Curing with the Food Saver Vac Seal

I have tried several curing methods in the past [Mason Jars, Jars with Pumps, Turkey Bags, you name it] and I have to say that my favorite method is using the Food Saver Vac Sealer due to how easy and scalable the method can be. This method tends to bring out the aromas much quicker than the other methods and can shorten the cure time by a week or so. I also like how dense the buds come out when using this method.

I normally skip the first 2 steps, but I am leaving it here just in case you are one of those who trim a bit early.

  1. after harvest, trim and place in paper bag for about 12 hours then transfer into jars

  2. cure in Jars for 1-2 days (can skip if your buds are not too moist) then transfer into vac seal bags (be sure to leave about 2/3 room above the buds (I normally leave about an extra 18" of bag space) so you have room to reseal and burp when needed) with 62% humidity packs. I normally seal my bags on the lowest pressure setting which is normally used for sealing moist ingredients.

  3. burp all packs for the first 3 days once a day by opening the pack, break open the buds by carefully pulling them apart and letting it air out for 10-20 minutes, then resealing the bags. This is also a good time to take a big whiff and inspect how the cure is developing, the longer the cure, the more defined the aroma becomes.

  4. burp one pack every 10 days to inspect the bud, if it’s good then the rest are good no need to burp.
    If the buds are not dry and on the moister side, burp the rest for 20 minutes then seal again.


  1. Cut Open Seal
  2. Take a big whiff and smell the buds and make sure there are no moldy smell
  3. Break up the buds (they are ultra sicky and will look like 1 giant block)
  4. Let it air out for 20 minutes
  5. Reseal the bag with humidity packs inside


  1. Remove buds from Vac Seal packs and move into Jars with with lid open for about 30 minutes then close with a 58% humidity pack.

Here is also a video using very similar methods:


You don’t mind the crushing? I thought what Stephen said about ruining the appearance and thought to put them in a container with holes so you don’t crush them. If the crushing isn’t a big deal I’m good with that. Thinking out loud @Vicc thoughts? It would be the same as jars I guess. More interested in the crushing part and why. These bud look amazing :star_struck: like that.


Its definitely comes down to preference, some home growers like to maintain their buds in its trimmed appearance. I on the other hand prefer my buds to be compacted and dense. So there is definitely a trade off there when it comes to appearance and the feel of the final product. I feel that this is a good trade off as when getting crushed by the vacuum seal, it is also drawing out the trichomes from within the buds, making the aroma much more pungent (you’ll notice right away after 1 day of curing with the vac seal vs the jar in a side by side comparison. I’ve tested this) and giving it a strong seal when finished hence much more dense.

If you are concerned about losing trichomes, you aren’t, I’ve tried checking the bottom of the bags for loose trichomes all the time, there aren’t any.


I see. Kinda like the shellac I’ve read about when curing. I agree. The appearance isn’t as important as the quality for me as well. Definitely doing it with next harvest. :+1:t2: Thank you for sharing this. I’m new and this is great for learning.


@Gunk To be quite honest, I prefer the compact appearance more. I know that its going to feel good in my hands when I break it apart to grind.


Absolutely. I’m a grinder too​:sunglasses: :+1:


All my dispensary purchases are compact like this. Is that what there doing?

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more than likely they are purchasing their buds by bulk in vac sealed packs. Sometimes they like to do close up videos of them breaking the buds apart after taking them out of the vac seal for the first time. Super sticky moments.


The vac seal stuff is definitely interesting, so many methods! I chop, cut off all the big fan leaves, rhen hang dry for 14 days or so. Then trim and into jars.

I like to handle my buds with baby gloves :slight_smile:


I’ve been using a Waring Vacuum gun for food for years, you have to buy special bags for it that are like heavy-duty zip locks with a sealing nipple. They sound perfect for this use as you don’t lose any of the bag when you reseal it. I’m in the first week of flower and I think I’ll use your method with my vacuum gun.


Reusable, awesome! Please let me know how you like the end results


Food saver has gallon and quart size reusable ziplocks.



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Morning Burping Ritual

Banana OG after 2 days curing

African Haze after 7 days curing


thanks @Vicc : for putting me on to vac seal curing :+1:t4:

my harvests cure slowly :mantelpiece_clock: in different ways using both mason jars and vac seals

one batch in mason jars…another use mason jar and vac seal (1 week only)…last one is split evenly with mason and vac seal curing

luv em all :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: but receive more positive feedback from the vac sealed batches


Look :eyes: gd bro :sunglasses: :+1:t2::dash::seedling:


I’m glad you like it as well. Love how dense your buds look



Can you recommend a Decent Sealer :wink:??

Great Post btw :+1::metal::seedling::seedling::seedling:

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Any sealer works. I just bought a cheap food saver sealer from Amazon and it works great no need to splurge on this. Also can use for cooking and food storage


Might be something I invest in later when I’m getting better/larger yields :crossed_fingers::pray::crossed_fingers::pray::rofl:

Or better still :rofl::+1: