Did They Give Up On Grobo?

Hey guys about 2 or so months ago i reach out to grobo support/Citizen grown. everything was working fine, but when I went to start a grow for some reason, the citizen grown/grobo app will not let me start the grow when I try to start the seed it will just take me back to the home screen over and over and over and the same with the browser. I tried contacting them. I emailed multiple times with no response. I texted a phone number One of the guys helping bring it back and got no response from it like I had before. At this point there is no app update and my machine is useless. I’m about to toss it out. What’s going on? Can anybody give me any insight?.

Similar experience i have had. Your screwed, theres no support.


I mean, citizen grown acquired Grobo assets at auction and they know that Grobo up and abandoned everybody without word and filed for bankruptcy. Citizen grown got it back up and running and everything was going great then they said they had their own app for the Grobo so to delete the old one and download their new one. Now the new one is completely useless. It won’t allow you to operate same as the browser They should have just left the old app. But if they know that the original owners of Grobo left everybody high and dry, why would they do the same thing it just don’t make sense Hopefully this gets figured out

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