Drain and Fill Not Working


My Grobo has some issues with drain and fill.

After draining, the system will not go go to fill mode, instead I must power off the grobo then the system will go to fill mode.

However, i must power cycle to do this?

Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you all in advance an hope all is well


Same here. The solution is once it stops draining. Back out by hitting the cancel and then back to main menu. Open maintenance and select fill. After fill back out the same way. I have an iPhone but I use the web version through safari.

It works for me every time. :+1:t2:


Sounds like a gen2 grobo! They were trash! They sold us something they never 100% got working.

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God bless your soul. Thank you for your time to reply and suggest. Blessings. Take care and thank you again.


Welcome. Glad to help. :sunglasses:

The site seems to be down not connecting. Has anyone have any trouble as of today?

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Go spend $30 on a TracFone but make sure it’s an android and download the Grobo plus citizen grown app and you will be good to go