First Grow - Cookies Kush

Hey everyone! Excited about trying to grow again using my still (for now​:crossed_fingers:) functioning Grobo. First attempted grow was a few months back - a Mokum’s Tulip that grew way too big and got burnt by the top lights. I didn’t know any better and didn’t push it to the next stage of the grow before it grew too big, but now that I know about this forum I’m hoping you guys can help me avoid any mistakes. :smile:

Took a while to grow again since I had to find nutes and pods that fit, but as of today I’m back at it! Say hello to Day 1 of Cookies Kush.


Week three, looking pretty good so far! If you’ve got tips, throw them at me please. I’ll need help on knowing when/what to trim when the time comes.


Getting pretty big! A few questions you guys might be able to help me with (please!):

  • when do I start trimming fan leaves? If now where should I focus the trimming?
  • I want to make this as quick a grow as possible. The grobo recipe is by default set for an almost three month grow. Is there any stage in which I can make the call myself and push it to the next stage? When would I know it’s ready?

Enjoy this week’s pics wish me luck


U can start by removing all ur biggest fan leaves :maple_leaf: as for making this grow go as fast as possible just let it go thru all the stages without going back any stages ur problem will be in flower :cherry_blossom: sometimes if ur plant :seedling: ain’t ready u will have to add time an that u will be able to tell with a microscope :microscope: by looking :eyes: at ur trichomes :+1:t2::dash::seedling:


This week’s update. Gave it a bit of a bigger haircut. Does it look okay to you guys? Before and after haircut pics:


Beginning the flowering stage tomorrow!!

Does it look okay to you guys? Should I be trimming more, if so, where?

Wish me luck!