FYI Old Domain is Down (

If anyone on Discord or elsewhere mentions that the forum is not working, it’s likely because the domain Vicc registered for us was either not renewed or has been taken over by someone else. Please direct them to the correct domain:

I don’t have a way to pay that domain bill myself. This was part of why the decision to change domains was a safer bet than relying on one we can’t renew. During Christmas break, this site would’ve gone unreachable for everyone if I hadn’t already done that.

Technically speaking it looks like the domain might have been taken over for other purposes, as it doesn’t show as expired when doing a WHOIS lookup, but given the timing, it’s likely that it has been parked by the registrar.

This is mainly an FYI and should not cause any additional issues. As mentioned, this was considered as part of the reason to switch domains before it had occurred.