General Hydroponics Flora Series VS Botanicare Kind (DWC) - LA Confidential

starting a DWC :bubbles: nutrient :test_tube: SIDE by SIDE grow :seedling: comparison


  • enjoyed :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: using GENERAL HYDROPONIC Flora Series by adding hydroguard, flora nectar (sweetener), and flora kleen (flush) to the recommended 6-part feed chart

  • TOTAL General Hydroponics nutrient COST = $166.42 :moneybag:
    Hydroguard ($25.40), CalMag ($17.05), FloraMicro ($13.52), FloraGro ($10.62), FloraBloom ($10.62), FloraliciousPlus (43.18), Kool Bloom ($19.38), Flora Nectar ($18.18), FloraKleen ($8.47)

BOTANICARE Kind series:

  • the BOTANICARE Kind series was selected after a lot of research :books: …sweet citrus (sweetener) and clearex (flush) was added to the recommended expert recipe

  • TOTAL Botanicare nutrient COST = $162.89 :moneybag:
    Hydroguard ($25.40), KindBase ($12.88), KindGro ($12.26), KindBloom ($12.88), Rhizo Blast 500ml ($42.21), Pure Blend Tea ($12.11), Silica Blast ($15.47), Sweet Citrus ($21.21), FloraKleen ($8.47)

Nutrient :test_tube: COST :dollar: comparison RESULTS = EVEN

  • just placed online order for the Botanicare KIND nutrients…grow comparison expected to start in about 3-4 weeks from today after current grow is completed

Looking forward to following this!

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