Gorilla Glue auto Week 7 (No Signs Of Flower) HELP

Hello everyone, my auto flower is approaching week 8 now and has revealed its sex with white stigmas coming from the nodes. I have not seen an accumulation of them though on any sites very little of them just at new nodes. Any help and guidance would be greatly appreciated, I have heard gorilla glue Auto flowers can be late bloomers due the fact of more sativa present! Thank you all very much for any help


It looks to me like she’s in transition. Autos grow on their own schedule despite what the GROBO’s recommended schedule might be. Try shifting your schedule back to transition week 2 and see how it goes. She looks good.


I’d trim her up pretty good get light to the center! She is looking really good tho the tops look right


@Santa-Cruz-Pete Hey so I changed my recipe to a generic gorilla glue 4 and skipped ahead to flower to put her into the 12/12 schedule to see if she will start to flower, one of the reviews on growers’ choice seeds says a few of his auto gorilla seeds from them ended up being photos! 12/12 cannot hurt her if anything will kick her into budding!

Thank you both for the feedback!! @Selenad