Green Crack, First Grow, Day 55

This is not an auto, or wasn’t supposed to be, but seems to be shorter than expected. I extended late veg 1 week. I did top in early stages of late veg. Hoping it starts to stretch more otherwise I’ll more of a bush on my hands!! Thoughts, suggestions?!? Trimmed it this morning. Thanks!


I’m no expert but I think it looks fine.what stage are you in?


Day 10 of 14 transition stage…hoping it stacks out with multiple colas like your grow!

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Yeah that’s good. You have more flower time as well. Transition and flower are the same. So total days in flower start from transition. Make sense? I just kept the lower fan leaves trimmed. I also had to start bending my branches so it didn’t get to high. Also kept the canopy even doing so. I left at minimal five nodes down for flower and continued to trim fans on the bottom and once I seen my flowers I trimmed fans that were blocking sites. Now this is how I did it. There are many opinions here. I took advice from champions here. And applied my own after understanding it all. Hope this helps. :sunglasses: