Green Planet Dual Fuel 1-2

Getting the Itch again :seedling::seedling::seedling::rofl: but to keep me from goin insane :exploding_head:!! could someone please confirm the correct Dual Fuel nutrients for the Grobo Bottles 1-5
Using R.O so Bottles 1-2 are almost redundant :wink:


I am using General Hydroponics PHup and PHdown in Grobo bottles 1 & 2.
Duel Fuel 1 in Grobo bottle 3 and Duel Fuel 2 in Grobo bottle 4.
I also switched to GreenPlanets ProCal for Grobo bottle 5.

I was using it undiluted without any issues.
When I tried GreenPlanets Vita-thrive (part of the Duel Fuel bundle) I ended up getting nute burn and a potassium lockout.
But 2-3 grows before that with just Duel Fuel and ProCal undiluted gave me no issues.

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Good to hear i was @ least doing that right :roll_eyes:!:wink:!
Going to start one off & c if my grobo IS dosing correctly :crossed_fingers: or is it definitely buggered :face_with_raised_eyebrow:??
I might find more info on manual dosing too :thinking:!

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Duel Fuel has a handy nute calculator on thier website if you want to manual dose. It gave me similar doses as the Grobo used, but with what looked like more variations through the different grow cycles.

Im not sure you can trust it to dose or schedule lights properly again just yet. Seems like there are still bugs being worked out by Citizen Grobo: our new tech in charge of Grobo / CitizenGrown.
My box is back online but still does not update the light cycle properly…

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Thanks for the info bud :+1:
Citizen Grobo" is a new one on me :flushed:!!
So does this mean grobo still kicking then

Cheers :+1:I’ll definitively give that a look :+1::seedling::seedling::seedling:

Now that’s what i like… Simple instructions :+1:!:rofl:!:rofl:!:seedling::seedling::seedling:

Been reading nightmares about grobo for a wile now but only just started to have issues :roll_eyes:

Being UK might have something to do with that :thinking:

Yes! The peeps who bought Grobo are beginning to get us up and running again. They have posted a couple times here now and on Discord.
Long story short: Servers were no longer working due to no payments being made. CitizenGrown (new Grobo) wants to help us get running again - as this will help them, moving forward.

Good News for us legacy growers!!

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