Grobo 1st Gen for sale [NotAGroboSite] 🚫

Hi everyone. It’s been awhile since I’ve been on Allgrowers Forum and didn’t know this is a new site. Happy new year! Anyway, I am selling my Grobo Premium and in Chicago. Local pick up or pay for shipping. Pick up prefer.

I am going to include a few new bottles of the nutrient bottles, trim tray, etc. Used it a few times but the last 3 grows were unsuccessful. Please contact me if you are serious. $2200 plus cost of shipping. I’ll include a few items with it like my trim tray and nutrient bottles.

It’s out of stock online and you don’t have to put it together like the 2nd gen.


Because Grobo support is gone at this time we don’t want to offer there products for sale here… Just don’t think it’s fair to offer a product forsale that is not supported by Grobo. Hope you understand. For that reason I closed this topic