Grobo adjust now that app is dead

How do I adjust my Grobo now that the app is dead? Seed recipes etc…

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Go to and you can access your grobo. Delete the app on your phone is useless now. I don’t get notifications either but I’d I do a manual drain and fill and it disperse nutrients. I put a half gallon every two days to top off.

When you go into maintenance to drain click the drain prompts until it starts draining. DO NOT TOUCH ANY BUTTONS UNTIL ITS FINISHED DRAINING. Then back out to your grobo and go back into maintenance and click fill. It will respond quickly. Faster than the app. AGAIN DON’T PUSH ANYTHING UNTIL ITS FILLED COMPLETELY. Then again back out to your grobo and wait for it to disperse nutrients. Usually within a few minutes

I capitalize because the drain prompt won’t go away when it’s finished. Just hit the back button in your browser until the image of your grobo is there.
It’s not the end of the world but if you push anything other than back your drain or fill will turn on and make a mess. Ask me :joy::rofl: Hope this helps