Grobo app being terminated

Does anyone know or feel the grobo app/server will go down and we will be left without a machine I was looking into hey Abby grow box has any tried it yet before I pull the plug I’m just nervous are days are limited on the grobo server…

The servers may or may not go down. A new company has taken over digital ownership and will be running grow boxes. So they will be keeping the servers up and running for that; whether or not that effects us we have to wait and see.


It looks like they have pulled the plug, I can’t connect to the server at all.

This is a super cool model!!!

I’m using the BLOOM box and it’s pretty amazing - built in air conditioner, heater, humidifier, dehumidifier. Big for a big grow. I’ll be doing my first harvest in a week or two.
The community forum is not very active - but I have a phone number of a direct contact for support. There are some technical issues but they claim they are in phase 2 of their beta release.
I hope this company lasts. They seem to have the backing of a large organization- Scotts.


@Greenmoss Did you try to use the app? It no longer works, but the web portal still does.

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Yes, thank you. i am now able to get in. appreciate the help :pray:

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I just pugged a new Grobo in and have trouble to setup the thing properly. I am aware the app doesn’t work anymore but as far as I understand the web app / portal should still work fine.

Grobo lights green and I am connected to the Grobo Wifi (tried Android and OS X). This is where I am stuck:

Any ideas what I could do? Looking for the discord link next

@aya I am not sure if anyone has setup a Grobo since they shut down. Have you had any luck with it yet?

No chance to actually add a new device. Unfortunately, that most probably means it’s unusable in the current form.

Not the end of the world, I’ll convert the whole thing into a supergreenlab build that’s better anyway given that everything is open source and readily available. Including a mobile app

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Had to get new modemm for internet now cant connect to get light on gonna take apart and make new light or try to straight wire unless someone knows how to connect now help

If you were connected and had an account before you should be able to connect again. My box went offline last week for a few hours, and started up again with no issues.