offline 7/29/2023

Hello @Grobo and everyone, server seems to be down, system timed and and will not load.

Is anyone experiencing problems?


Doesn’t work for me, either @ogkush415

Same with


IT’s everyone. They either are making changes or it just went down. I would think they would of warned us if they knew. We should hear back soon I would imagine. I’ve emailed as well.


@Grobo So now it’s disconnected from WiFi with steady green. I still have a grow light on. We’ll see if it’s still on 12 hr light schedule by 5pm. It’s 4pm.

I just checked my machine and it’s all good right now period normal blue blinking light schedule is still the same as I left it when I started the grow.

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@Grobo still no WiFi connection. Solid green light. The recipe is still functioning. But no access to drain/fill. I can do it manually but I’m hoping you see the 911 text between this site and discord.

It’s back up @vegetato :+1:t2:

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