Grobo nutrients

This will be my first and last time asking about grobo nutrients what are the other options now that grobo is no longer in business I have read the forms and I get mix reviews I need to know the best alternatives for the nutrients this is what I get from the forms is this right bottle 1 ph up
Bottle 2 ph down
Bottle 3 dual fuel 1
Bottle 4 dual fuel 2
Bottle 5 cal mag

If this the right set up do u mix any of these nutrients or put directly in the bottles no mix of not is there a video of someone mixing the ratio it would be greatly appreciated or a sheet of how to mix nutrients.and also do you guys no where we can get extra coco pods from

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No mixing. Put them in as is. Yes just fill the bottles. I’ve talked to greenplanet. Your good to go.

General Hydroponics Rapid Rooter Plant Starters, 50 Plugs

25-Pack HTG Supply All Natural Seed Starter Plugs | Starter Pods for Planting (25 Plugs)

I haven’t decided. I’m thinking the HTG plugs


Thanks alot appreciate the info

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What is a better ph brand are these a descent brand


Probably either. I’ve been leaning on general hydroponics. FYI always check the ph in your grobo. Mine was off many times.

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