Grobo start nutrition substitute

Good Morning grower’s I really would like to keep using my start has anybody came up with a substitute nutrients for putting in the start please help!!!

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As in the Start, it is only small baby plant… I am pretty sure the nutriments from Aerogarden would do… or any complete nutriments in low concentration

I had aroma plant living in my Aerogarden (basically a Grobo Start for herbs) for over a year only on this nutriments and water

A bottle like this, should be good for over a year


I had these left over from another grow. I used them in my Start to germinate tomatoes and sunflowers last Spring. I just used these because it was cheaper than the blue and green Start packs, I saved those for my weed.
They seemed to work great and I will try them again when I run out of Start nutes.

Also this is really close to Bottles 3 & 4 in the Grobo. I just don know how close that is to the Start packs.


Have 3 bottles of each nutes for now!!! WHEN I do run out how much should I dilute green planet dual fuel CAUSE ITS DEFINITELY a match for grobo nutes Also gonna try their cal mag it’s a match for bottle 5 from the material data sheets


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How much should you dilute wanna put in grobo bottles and let it dose it self

@Suffland1109 This answer is for Grobo bottles for the Grobo, not the Start. For the Start I think that you would be adding a similar amount to what was in the packets.

So far I only looked in detail at the Grobo bottle #5 (CalMag) and compared it with GreenPlanets similar product. (I did also look at bottles 3&4, I cannot remember the numbers right now, but they were similar.) It looked like Grobo was adding twice as much water as GreenPlanet already has. GreenPlanet was at %35, and Grobo was like 65-80%. Based on that I was going to add 25-35% water to it.

You can also see above (Thanks @SilverGrobo !!) that GreenPlanet wants you to use 2-10 ml per gallon and our tank is about 2.5 I think. So 5-25 ml per tank can work. The Grobo automatically adds 15 ml from each of the bottles 3,4,&5 when you drain and fill.
Based on all that; I now think I wont bother to dilute the Duel Fuel for bottles 3&4.


So don’t dilute just rock with it let me know how it works !!


Yes I did more research you are correct there is no need to dilute the dual fuel your only getting 15 ml on a 2.5 -3 gallon tank . I love All growers you guys are the best!!! Keep growing guys