Grobo with kill switch?

Hey, so i bought a Grobo prior to what seems like a meltdown. Been tracking daily and yesterday, day 8 of my grow and i had 4 leaves. Looked solid.

Today, i went to view and the plant was folded. i opened the grobo and noticed all the water was gone! ALso noticed all the fluids 1-5 were completely dry.

I checked the hose and it was dry, but the floor had white powder.

I turned off the grobo and turned it back on. It is compeltely dark and only a blue light turns on. Nothing else. Light has not turned on yet.

Any possible idea as to what happened? i feel stuck as I cannot contact grobo and my day 8 plant, well, doesnt look like he will make it…

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Is it a gen2 ? If so we’ve all had the issue of the grobo draining on its own and sucking out all nutes along with what’s in ur tank. The white powder on the floor… how long was it before u checked back on yr grow? When nutrients dry they turn white powder looking.

Whoa! Didn’t find any post on this. Didn’t know it was a thing. It was less than 24 hours from my last peek

So it won’t turn on after I plug it back in. Am I SOL?

I did notice the EC chip is blue like it may have shorted. Is replacing the chip a thing, realistically?

Yea the water draining was the issue that stopped most if not all gen 2 owners from being able to use theirs. U should try a couple and when I say a couple ( i mean til it starts again cuz it should ) hard resets. Like unplug wait for a min or so and plug back up. I’ve had that happen but I’ve reset and it’s worked. If u do get it back up and u still want to use it I can help and show u what I’ve done to keep growing in it.

As for the post… ur not going to find anything here that talks about grobo issue. They only want u sharing ur grow and u can share ur grobo grow just no bi**hing about it. There’s a discord tho and u can talk about grobo there. It’s a couple ppl on there that still grow in grobo and lots of great info.

I would recommend reading about credit card returns on the discord site. You probably still can since its a gen2.

Is GroBo still in business??

Nope! Bankruptcy happened!