Growing Garlic Hydroponically

Has anyone grown garlic hydroponically? How difficult is it?


Root vegetables in hydroponics are tough! I’ve done a lot of research, and the only real way to do root vegetables is ebb and flow with a deep bed from what I’ve found


Sorry, that was a quick response…a lot going on, but I wanted to expand.

If you think about it, root vegetables grow IN the ground. Carrots, beets, onions, garlic…etc. if they are constantly covered in water, they will never develop. I started researching beets…and you can grow beet greens in hydro, but actual beets not so much. This is the reason for ebb and flow and a deep bed. This allows the actual root to turn into the fruit by getting its water, but then being allowed no water to expand and create the actual veggie. Hope that helps!

Im actually getting prepared to start my 80gallon aquarium back up and try some aquaponics…keep you posted when it happens.


Interesting, gotcha!

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