Hello all - harvest time ( tent grow )

Hey all. I’m new to this forum ( but not to growing ). Seems like an awesome community! If anyone has any questions feel free to ask.

Here’s a few pics of some recent ladies I just harvested:


Those are some nice :+1:t2: plants :seedling: what are they :+1:t2::dash::seedling:


Thanks @Chopo816!

Pic 1 : Ring of Fire (Romulan Genetics )
Pic 2: MKUltra ( ILGM I believe )
Pic 3: Bagseed ( friend gave me a seed )
Pic 4: BSV Skunk ( BlueSkiesVienna )
Pic 5: Runtz Buttonz


Good to see you here brother @GameDevGrower!
Love seeing those babies <3

Welcome to AG!

Also congrats on your harvest :axe:


Nice job Chris… Your girls look super yummy

What are you using for media / Nutes?


@GameDevGrower Nice! Soil or hydro?


@Mpower11 @coffindancer


I use Sunshine#4 medium, and I top dress with Roots Organics Terp Teas. I also use Recharge every 2 or 3 weeks. It’s very simple, which works great for me! Happy to break it down more for you guys if you want.


Haha I knew this was organic


I grow organic myself and I’m always interested in how other people do it. I’m all ears if you want to beak it down.

What is surprising to me is you don’t use any worm castings? There are the king of organic growing I feel.

Recharge was my go to for a long time. Now I prefer to use fish shit over recharge (mind you I still rotate it into the mix here and there)

Also have you played around with any Compost tea’s?


@Mpower11 Awesome! Nice to meet you. I also love to see how other people do things.

I’ve used worm castings in the past all through the whole grow, for sure. I still use them during veg, but I don’t find that they make a difference for me beyond that.

I transplant right out of the cloner ( or seed ) into a conainer mixed with about 25% worm castings and 75% sunshine #4. I 'll then water with plain water for a week. After that I’ll start top dressing with the “grow” terp tea dry nutrients. If I notice any deficiencies, I will supplement with some of the ‘foundation’ ( also by Roots Organics, mostly for supplementing extra calcium and magnesium and trace minerals ). I top dress every two weeks with that , while just watering with plain water in between feedings as the plants need watering. ( ph’d to around 6.5 or 7 if need be )

I give my ladies 24-36 hrs of darkness when transitioning. I also flower using an 11/13 cycle ( 11 on 13 off ).
The darkness period is mostly just ‘bro science’ that I’ve heard throughout the years. I’ve noticed that my plants start flowering faster, so I’ve kept with it :wink:

The 11/13 cycle is to both save electricity, but also a little bit of ‘bro science’ there too. you can read up on the pros/cons of that light cycle and find all kinds of opinions. I’ve not noticed any difference really, except 1 less hour used of electricity each day.

When I flip, I top dress with the ‘bloom’ terp tea nutrients and water it in with plain water + recharge. I feed every 1 to 2 weeks depending on the plant’s needs ( they will let you know if they want more , or less! ). In between feedings, I just water with plain water ( ph’d to around 6.5 or 7 if need be ). Depending on timing ( every 2-3 weeks or so ), one of those waterings might be with the Recharge added.

The beginning of last 3 weeks of flowering, I will top dress them once with the “bloom booster” and once more with Recharge, and then just plain water until harvest.

I’ve tried a lot of things over the years, from hydro to supersoil and everything in between. I’ve settled on this routine because it’s easy for me :wink: I spend way less time in the garden working, and more time just admiring the beauty :wink: It’s cathartic to do the top-dressing, and I always get amazing medicine, along with those beautiful colors and fades.

With hydro I spent so much time making sure everything was just right, making sure my equipment was cleaned all the time, repairing clogged llines, etc…

Supersoil was good and lots of fun, but I spent a lot of time making and preparing it, and I don’t have the room to prepare batches ahead of time.

I’ve used compost teas before and loved it. I’m just trying to cut down on my time spent…and brewing compost teas can be time consuming and requires a bit of space. By top dressing with the terp -teas ( which are designed to be brewed into compost teas if you want ) I feel like I am getting the same benefits.


Nice to meet you also

This sounds like me… I say the same thing… I will never grow hydro again in a tent…

You do alot of things different than me (Not saying you doing anything wrong). I love seeing what other people are doing it’s a great why to learn new idea’s

Do you add any carbs in flower? I add Boogie Brix in flower


Those are beauties for sure!! Loved your breakdown, you make it sound so simple. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Out of curiously what is your water source? Tap / Ro / distilled?

I hear you on this one… So many different ways… I also hear about “bro science” about harvesting before lights turn on… Has to do with sugar’s in the plant… But who knows

As soon as I started adding organic Cal/mag to my water to 80 ppm I no longer have problems with Cal/mag deficiencies.

I don’t Ph my water


For carbs I just rely on the molasses that is supplied with the Recharge.

My water source is preferabley RO or filtered tap water ( I have a filter on my garden hose that I use for my dogs water that removes most of the nasty stuff)

Thanks! This works well for me, with the space and time I have. Like @Mpower11 said, if you are achieving the results you want then how you got there is going to be whatever works best for you! You’ll get no judgment from me!


@GameDevGrower Let me start by saying nice grows! And then I have a question: What game are you currently deving? (I ask because I am also a developer)
I am currently getting started on NBA2K23. I have a a Bruce Banner flowering in my Grobo, and I have Skywalker OG entering late veg in my Start.


Oh a 2k dev @crasch @GameDevGrower :slight_smile: . That makes the 3 of us in the industry.


@crasch - Craig OMG! I know you :slight_smile: How crazy. We worked together at Treyarch. Chris P here …I used to sit with JZ in the office :slight_smile:


Small world, I love it when the worlds cross =]


I’m really interested in this as well because I believe once all of the AN stuff I have is depleted , I’m going to make the switch. Got a few more grows left so I’m really starting to know more so I can hit the ground running when it does happen.

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@GameDevGrower OMFG!! Chris!! We used to leave the office and get stoned at your apt occasionally if I remember correctly!!! (Safety meetings)

and @Vicc too funny you are a developer too! But of course; - like minds.
I am also a Chihuahua enthusiast!