Low Dose Sugar Cookies

I made these beauties with just a regular sugar cookie recipe subbing regular butter for some canna butter I made in my LĒVO. They’re low dose (3.5 mg THC 4.5 mg CBD) because I’m definitely going to want to eat more than one at a time :joy::joy:. They’re also to be shared with my parents who are newbies so I didn’t want to scare them off too much!


Haha my mom had more than her 5mg dose before bed a while back…by a long shot lol. She was telling my dad that she thought she may die, and was afraid she might not ever be the same again lol. It did help the next morning when I let her know that’s about as bad as having too much can be, and all that jazz all passes with some time. Hopefully she steers clear of more is better from now now, but she isn’t ready to dive back in just yet :joy:


Yeah we’re just starting to dip toes in the water over here. They kept asking me all kinds of questions so I bought them the cannabis for dummies book for Christmas :joy:. Now they’re ready to give it a shot. We shall see how it goes.


Funny they were totally against it years ago and minds started changing overtime with medical research. I make them tinctures that they are supposed to use with an eyedropper at 5ml, and not get aggravated with the dropper n just take a “bit” :joy:. Gel caps are convenient too