Low Humidity Issues

This dry Canadian winter air is killing me. With one large and one mini humidifier running in my grow room, I’m still only able to get the humidity inside the box to 55-60%. Any thoughts on how I can boost it a little? Would it help to put a damp cloth or cup of water in there? I’m at a loss.

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You may want to consider a humidifier that can handle your size tent or room and it wouldn’t hurt to make sure it had a timer and can be regulated manually and automated.
Try a pot of hot water until then. :seedling: :eyes:



I had super low humidity issues at night time when I was in germination but she still grew! Slowly! but she did grow. I did buy a small humidifier but my box is also in a small room. I had it outside of the grow box kinda close. It did keep my humidity at around 60 but it was super cold outside, since its been unusual warm were im located i dont have to turn it on. Now she’s growing bigger everyday!


around 55-60 you are in the zone… no need to make it too humid