Nutrients & Pods in the EU

Hey everyone!

I just found out about the… recent change… and I’m pretty worried and kind of frustrated, but hoping that this awesome community can help me figure out how to actually be able to use this thing going forward. I have a gen 1 that I was only able to use once and it didn’t result in a successful yield (the plant outgrew the box and I had to kill it).

So now, I’m left with no pods and no nutrients. Does anyone know of anywhere I can get supplies for a Gen 1 in the European Union? Shipping from the US would be pretty tricky, so any EU sites/suggestions would be awesome.

Also, I’m an absolute noob when it comes to this, so feel free to reallllly spell things out for me if you have any advice.



If you can get a hold of our former rockstar @Osage he may be able to share what nutrients you can switch too instead of the grobo line so you won’t havd to worry about findind them!
I know a lot of people want to know this answer but all of my notes were lost with the last website! :seedling::eyes:

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This should help! Thanks to some of the awesome guys on this forum!


Here’s where I believe grobo got there nutrients. :wink: it’s on the discord. Good read

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