Peyote Wi-Fi Grow:5

I haven’t a clue why my previous 3 seeds failed to germinate when Nothing had changed :thinking:!:exploding_head:!

Anyway off we go again :roll_eyes:!! but this time I’ve Pre Cracked the seed in water so :crossed_fingers:!:crossed_fingers:!..


Cracking the hull may cause damage, I’d not take that approach. Are you sure the seeds are viable? How long did you leave them in water before giving up? A fresh seed will germinate overnight, a less fresh seed could take up to a week in my experience.

I germinate seeds in water in a cool dark place, there are lots of methods.



Im only letting the seed Crack open in water & until it sinks which it has but Still not that open atm so I should be podding up tomorrow :crossed_fingers:

Strangest thing is I’ve only Ever dropped a dry seed straight in a soaked pop with no probs up until now :face_with_raised_eyebrow:!:exploding_head:!