Recipe list goes to blank white screen

Hi all,

Trying to start a grow, and when I click on recipe list, the screen looks like it is loading for a few seconds and then goes to a blank white screen. I have to force shut the app in order to get back to the main screen, and if I try again - same thing happens.

Has anyone had this issue, and if so how can I fix it? This is my first grow so going to be pretty bummed if the machine is dead on arrival…


Hey Grower Grobo no longer supports their boxes. There are some other threads around Dec/Jan that would go into detail.

I would delete and the re-add the Grobo App and see if that works. I can still see the recipes, or at least I could yesterday.

Thank you! Got it to pull up online actually, but now I can’t fill my Grobo. I click Fill and it says it is but nothing happens… ugh

Your better off using hydro bucket or putting soil pot in groblo mine always drains for no reason and kills my plant sorry your not only one to get ripped off by groblo