Some Grobo Stuff

I was an early Grobo adopter. Had some “meh” grows and had some decent grows. Ended up adding a tent at the beginning of the year, only to watch my Grobo app stop working. Bummer. But it’s not totally dead…

For many, you can still admin your Grobo unit from I was lucky in that I had just updated the wifi settings and whatnot so it was still connected. I’ve cycled the power a few times on the unit but it still reports back to the website and I can see it. Whew.

The App is dead, Jim. You can’t make it work by cussing it. I tried.

Lots of talk about “when it goes open source, someone will figure out how to run it!” Yep. There’s an open source project for it. If you’ve messed around with arduino or Raspberry Pi projects, and you can code a little in Python, there’s this…

[GitHub - andersbandt/grobo_manualize: A set of resources for manualizing a Grobo unit. Resources include software examples, electronic board documentation]

I’d be super interested to know if anyone can get something running with the stuff shared on Git.

For those of us who still having working units and need some replacements for the nutrients, give the General Hydroponics Flora line a try. There’s no dilution needed.

Bottle 1 is PH UP
Bottle 2 is PH DOWN
Bottle 3 is Flora Gro
Bottle 4 is Flora Bloom
Bottle 5 is Flora Micro

I’ve got a little fat indi in the Grobo now on those nutrients and it’s doing great so far.



This is great! Honestly I used to love my Grobo so much and seeing this is inspiring. I went thru a big move in life recently and couldn’t use my Grobo anymore once things got settled and found out the app was down. Sad I felt it was a brick at this point but I would like to get it up and going again the first thing is new nutes but thx for the feedback little but little I can collectively get it back! I i believe i need to replace my probes it’s been sitting for a while and I don’t think they would still be as accurate. Does blu labs still sell these tools?

Congrats! I loved my first 4 grows in that unit. I got it all tweaked out by the 4th set and had a KILLER Jelly Rancher that netted a shade over 2oz.

Then the system went down.

I just got it back up and running a few months back. Everything technically works. The first seed I planted split itself in 2 and died within an inch of growth. It happens. The second attempt resulted in a beautiful little baby that shot up and bushed out nicely to the 3rd node, then went tits up over a few days.

Leaves turned brown and dry. Plant stopped growing.

Changed the PH meter and calibrated the hell out of it.

Bottle 5 was being sucked down like it was going out of style. Figured I might be nute locking. Drained all water, recal’d the PH and EC. Ran a flush for a few days.

Plant didn’t get worse, but she didn’t get better either.

2 days ago I noticed bottle 2 dropping significantly (about 1/4”) which is odd since I only use distilled water🤦🏻‍♂️.

Today bottle 2 is empty.

Early veg phase, lights are only using the 12 hr cycle and I can’t get them to reset to 20/4. :man_facepalming:t2:

I think this seed will be a bust as well. Perhaps I’ll let the “bugs” be worked out a little better before making another attempt.

Frustrating, yes. Happy the unit is back (more or less?), YES.

Anyone have any advice?

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Gen twos are still problematic. Gen ones should work. Calibration is not correct I couldn’t calibrate my ph/ec probe’s either. Take all the bottles out and feed manually and also check your ph/ec manually. I just rely on the light schedule.

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