Starting grobo for first time

Hi I bought a grobo in Nov before the company went dark. I see everyone been getting theirs active and I decided to build my grobo! I been having an issue with connecting my grobo to Wi-Fi. So far that’s the first problem I had if anyone knows how to fix this problem I would appreciate it so much. The error says to turn off the box for 30 seconds prep the green button and connect to Wi-Fi. I’m still having the connection issue.


Gen one is working. If yours is gen two I’d still be leery. They have more issues. I on occasion I had to push the button on the modem/router to get connected.

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Im not sure the website is as reliable as the phone app. I had to switch a few months ago to using the app.

The website will not work for getting setup on wifi. The Android app is still up, and I expect to get the iOS app up sometime this week!

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