Still hear 👍 but in need of advice

I’m about to start using a AeroGarden Sprout 2020

AeroGarden Black Sprout (2020 Model)

& was wondering what’s the best time On Average! to kick her off & is there a decent Germination Addertive or will AeroGardens be ok :thinking: :seedling::seedling::seedling:

Thank :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: I can Still use the bloody thing :fist_right::rofl::metal:

Also waiting on these which I’ve been reliably informed will fit both Sprout & Grobo Mk1 grow plates hole :fist_right:

Agarden-EU JpGdn 1.75" 50PCS Mesh Net Cup Pots Basket Hydroponics System Supplies Aquaponics Seed Growing Media Black


Whatever the shortest light period is. As long as it’s over 12 hrs you’re good. I say shortest because the light is much closer than a usual grow light in germ.


Sorry for not fully explaining :flushed:!!

I was meaning with a grow on in my grobo what would be best best time to start the AeroGarden Sprout off for transfer :wink:?
I’m thinking around the start of flower :thinking:??
Hopefully get them to a decent Veg state b4 transferring :+1:

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Most flower is 8 weeks at minimum. I would start your next seed no sooner than a month before harvest. You’ll be surprised how big they can get in the aero :wink:


Cool :+1: & yeah I have been warned about size :rofl:!

Lookin forward to using it :metal::seedling::seedling::seedling:

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I would start the aero garden two -three weeks before finishing a grow!
You will still be in veg stage if you do and any problems will be easy to adjust in this stage.
If you are using a auto seed I would only germinate and wiat for the first leaf before transfer because auto dont have a lot of time to adjust. :seedling: :eyes:


Was beginning to think I was talking a foreign language :flushed:!:wink:!

Much obliged for the Feedback bud & let’s hope I still av a #@%$O to transfer over too :roll_eyes::crossed_fingers::pray::pray::pray:

Still on the blue light :wink: & she’s changed to Early Veg :wink: but haven’t delt wiv the water changes/tops yet :flushed:!:roll_eyes:!:exploding_head:!

I’m also going to follow #@%$O’s Start" instructions & not AeroGardens

Also lookin @ a 2x2 or 3×3 tent setup just concerned with any aroma flying around… Even with 1/2 dozen Onos placed everywhere :roll_eyes:!:rofl:!

I can Only Scrub the air & not expel to outside :roll_eyes:!:flushed:

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You can always invest in a air cleaner!
My basement tent doesnt expell out either but I dont have any harsh smells with a votex ventilator.

I run my dehumidifier outside the tent where the ventilator hose comes out the tent. :seedling: :eyes:

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