Tent help and suggestions

Now that grobo is out of biss I’m ready to make the jump to a tent grow space. I only need enough space for 2 plants. I was talking to some at supercloset and they recommended me there grow tent set up it’s a 2x4 tent with just everything inculcated. I was wondering what’s everyone thought is on this product or if it would just be better to get everything separately.

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Gorilla tents are awesome tents. Lot thicker than most others. They have a gorilla lite line as well that are more along the line of thinner, cheaper lines. Sorry I don’t have any firsthand experience with anything else in that kit, although that’s a nice looking light


Being in the same situation, i will also grow in a tent but in soil
Last year I tried Hydroponic in a tent, too much troubles for me

I will go old school and that will be just perfect for me
and no more semi-autonomous overpriced box

Light, timer and love


Yeah definitely no more boxes that I don’t have control over. I like having to mess with the hydroponics gives me something to do lol. What kind of tent set up do you.

I have a 4X4

my exhaust fan is this one

And this is my light (probably a bit overkill for 2X4)

works really nice for my 4X4


Not to hijack your thread but how are you liking the bloom plus light? I can also highly suggest the spider farmer sf series lights. Amazing results for price.

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Joe are you wanting to go hydro or soil in the end game?

Really happy with the light…
not too expensive… full spectrum, plug and play
Clearly produce less heat than a Sodium… I have no idea how it compares to other LED

Very happy with my harvest


I’m wanting to do hydro for sure.


it is a nice learning curve, I hope you enjoy, post many pictures (and send me a sample so I can have a 3D perspective)

Thabk I’m excited. Just need to get my set up.

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