Tent idea's to Replace Grobo

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If I wanted a 1 plant tent to replace a grobo I would buy this for $109 Canada you can’t go wrong… You could really get some great yield out of a tent this size…


Fan with Carbon filter






Tent = 109
Exhaust Fan with Carbon filter = 205 (having a second for intake isn’t a bad idea)
Deep Water Culture setup like grobo = 55 (Wouldn’t be my choice)
Hanger for light = 12
circulation fan = 25
Light = ??

Total = $406 Canadian (325 us funds about)

I didn’t price shop any of this above

What is Missing

  1. Ec / Ph meter
  2. The light this is a hard one to price because you can spend as low as $100.00 up to $600 (guessing on this one)
  3. Your choice of nutes

I think that is all that is missing for a basic tent setup


For $325 us plus a light you will have a very good 1 plant system…

I would never get a tent this small but that is just me… The nice part about this setup is all parts can be used in a bigger tent so no money lost… Just upgrade the size of tent… Example you can run a 3 by 3 for the same money a month but have 2 plants or 3 (I would do 2)

Light in this setup I would get 250 to 350 watt HPS cost should be around $250…

I feel HPS are better growing lights than LED.

LED are more $$$ upfront but cheaper to run

I should add you can pretty much get a tent any size you want…

You can also get a 2 x 2 x 4 if you don’t want to get one 6.5 feet tall…


Wow thank you very much Mpower I was thinking of going soil just do not know all about I would like to talk to you in a message about soil and if you just add water to the soil or when you start adding nute water!


Let me know what your question is

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How do you grow with soil as far as additives and nutrients go?

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That is a loaded question there is so many ways you can do this… There is pro’s and con’s with everything…

Personally I’m growing 100% organic if it’s synthetic I don’t use it

I use

Living organic soil (supersoil)
Ro Water with Cal/mag added


I top dress Gaia Green products

all purposes, bloom and worm castings

For extra’s

I add Boogie Brix in flower… Fish Shit to help keep my soil alive

I know this sounds hard but really it’s easy…

I don’t mix any nutes… I don’t check Ec… I don’t Ph my water…

I want to add there is nothing wrong going with synthetic products it’s just not what i’m interested in…

The good news is you have a mix of people here that do it different ways for example…

Fire uses DWC with synthetic (like grobo)
Vic uses Coco with synthetic nutes


That’s amazing. I may start a closet sometime. Thank s for sharing :+1:t2:


Thank you very much Mpower that sounds awesome well see when the time is right I do not want to jump the gun on the tent as I really only want and need one plant at a time at harvest. thank you sir!

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Been looking @ the:
AC Infinity Cloudlab 632 Advance Grow Tent 2000D Diamond Mylar Canvas 36" X 20" X 62"

With a decent DWC or Drip Feed System

But with LST & Feminized could 2 plants fit in the 2x2

Space is a premium & :uk: Local Authority :face_with_raised_eyebrow:!:wink:!..


i recommend a minimum 2’x2’ area for one full grown plant to be taken to flower…i had a 16"x16" tent and it was extremely tight for one plant…i have a vivosun 20"x36"x63" tent and it works great for two plants but gets very tight when i add the humidifier


I second that… 1 plant for a 2 by 2 also you will get alot more bud from a 2 by 2 vs the Grobo…

Could you fit 2 plants in a 2 by 2 the answer is yes but I wouldn’t do it…

In my 8 by 4 the most plants I ever had in there was 5 but I have crazy amounts of gear in my tent also…

Maybe it’s time to take a few pictures of my setup…


Thanks boys :fist_right:

After a good Google I’ve narrowed it down to:

Cloudlab 632, Advance Grow Tent 3x2, 2000D Diamond Mylar Canvas, 36"x2 – LED GROW SHOP UK :metal:!!


@Gmann9116 My only comment on this tent is I prefer the canvas to be 1680D Canvas Reflective


How about:



Looks good to me :+1: :+1: