Want to move forward to vegetation

Day 6/10 germination amd root is through the pod! I am thinking of shifting the the schedule forward to early veg! Would that be a good move??

It’s never recommended to push through germ. Give her some time to establish herself before dumping in nutes :wink:.


Ok good to know! Thanks

Totally agree with FireGuy

There are 2 places you may want to extend, and only these 2

First time will be at the end of vegetation, BEFORE transition…
This is where you will control the final height of your plant…
If you start transition too soon, you end up with a small plant
If you start transition too late, you will need to bend the plant, leave the door open and so on
The perfect spot will be just before you reach the 2nd fan…
at that point, you do not care if you just did a ‚Äė‚ÄėDrain and Fill‚Äô‚Äô, you force transition to transition phase.
After that, drain and fill to get to new nutriments for Transition phase and you are in business (this way, you get the proper nutriment for the new phase)
Bro science for other systems like a tent… you switch to 12 hours when the plant reaches 1/2 the final height you are looking for

Then come’s transition, 2 weeks of 12 hours a day of light.
This is where your plant start the process of flowering
No need to extend that phase

Then finally, flowering phase.
This one, you will probably extend also.
this time, it will be to get the perfect trichomes we are all dreaming of
Amber and cloudy
most like 50% clear, 50% amber and cloudy
The more amber and cloudy, the more stoner buzz you get

Then finally, you will get the Flush Phase
10 days where your plant is in pure water with no nutriments in order to flush any excess… this really helps the final taste…

So, when you think it’s time to end your grow, you reach your desired trichomes…
you force the Grobo into Flush Phase
Than, you Drain and Fill… it will fill with only water (no nutriment)
You will need to refill every 3 days normally…
after 10 days, you force end your grow and TADAM

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