What does my plant have? She hangs her head

Hello people
this will now be my 2 Grow. But I do not know what my plant has. I have grown it 1 week in a plastic container until the seedling came out. Then I put them in the Grobo. I do not fertilize with the Grobo bottles but with Advanced Nutrients Micro/Grow/Bloom. The pH is at 6.0
In the Grobo is a humidity of 40-50% and a temperature of 25-29 degrees.
The pod is very wet I noticed. I have now put him a little higher that he dries out a little. Is it overwatering? He hangs his head very much. Sorry for my English

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Looks like the main root is stuck in the pod. You should have a noticeable somewhat larger root sticking out by now. The solution is to dig into the pod and free it up. It looks plenty healthy main root just not getting to the water. Slowly dig in so you don’t damage the roots get the main root out and going down.
Hope this helps. Also you won’t have to lift your pod so high up.


Thanks already for the answer
I tried carefully digging in the pod and looking for the root. I think I found it too and it was still half stuck in the pod. I have now uncovered it a bit and hope that I have fixed the problem. Thank you very much


A small update:
As it looks it worked the seedling already looks much better and the leaves put themselves back up :+1:
Thank you very much :blush: