Anyone’s Grobo still running?

Just checking to see if anyone out there is still able to run their Grobo. Hack , workaround system :confused:

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Mine still running but i ran out of nutes I have the bloom grow and micro what would be the correct way to add to the bottles ?



Im :uk: & dont want to temp fate but apart from grobos site being non existent my app & machine is working fine :+1:

Im using Evergreen Dual 1&2 plus there Cal-mag in N° 5:

Search for Dual 1&2 as theres plenty of chat around replacement nutes :wink:

I made a mistake & Didn’t Dilute 50/50 & got severe nute burn :roll_eyes:!! But :crossed_fingers: caught early & sorted :ok_hand:

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Consider yourself fortunate on the App working side of things. Most have lost that, but still have the website (which I use). General Hydroponics Flora line can be used to replace bottles 3,4,5 with no dilution. 1 and 2 are PH up and Down. I add Cal-Mag to mine since I’m using RO. Seems to be happy running a small auto.

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Morning. Just throwing this out there. I wouldn’t rely on the dosing for nutrients anymore. Grobo is history and there dosing amounts are in no one’s control. It was all controlled and monitored by them. If it works great! If an when I start mine back up that’s what I would do.

I hear ya :wink:! but im using R.O & shes dishing out 3,4,5 fine & always a tiny 1,2 so :crossed_fingers: all is well

I check she’s feeding every time & mark each fill

My App seems fine :+1: but i have no contact with the grobo site directly as there no more :thinking:!!

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Day 29 on this gal in the grobo. Was a transfer seedling from soil.


I dismantled mine got light for 35 fits great were light was guess u could rewire now i use pot of soil grobo always killed my plants before heard citizens bought grobo maybe they will fix soon too late for me


Not quite there yet :rofl:!!!..

I need some Nutes lol she is looking good

Which and which go in 3,4,5 . Or do you know how would it be on the with advance nutrient line grow bloom and micro

I use all General Hydroponics. No dilution.

Bottle 1 is PH UP
Bottle 2 is PH DOWN
Bottle 3 is Flora Gro
Bottle 4 is Flora Bloom
Bottle 5 is Flora Micro


Than you. Sorry for late response been busy with work

Is there cal mag in there? I’m asking because I may switch. I’m using the GH four part flora nova line up now. But cal mag is the fifth part in the feed chart. Just curious :face_with_monocle: thank you :sunglasses::+1:t2:

@Gunk No Cal-Mag specific in those 5, though the Bloom and Micro both have decent percentages of Calcium and Magnesium, among other things. But I can’t know how that’s being dosed by the Grobo system. Personally, I added CALiMagic to the fill water. Seemed to like everything I was doing for it.


Grow in bottle 3, bloom in 4, and micro in 5. 1&2 are for you ph up and down. Blue in 1 and orange in 2.

Mine is working and my grows are doing better after switching to GreenPlanets Duel Fuel.
Grobo is designed for it and will dose it correctly.

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Are you diluting? How much? I’m going to start mine up for starter seedlings :seedling: thanks :pray:

No dilution at all. I have not experienced any nutrient burn.

I’ll bet the system was designed for full doses and then a “business decision” was made later to dilute the bottles sold to us.


Ok. So just fill the bottles or add by hand? Sorry for all the questions. Thank you @crasch