Blueberry Feminized, 1st Grow!

I just transitioned to Flower and my Grobo was screwed up, the lights and door unlock function were not acting as expected so I power cycled and all was well.

Door open button made the light white and never changed color or put the lock down, hitting it a second time, made the lock come down and the light turn green.

Door open/close now working as normal.

Upgrading the firmware now. Upgrade worked!

Gen 1, looks to be working fine for now.


Day 81 1/44 Flower

I spent a long time in late veg and got tired of waiting to get to 2nd fan. At this point, I’ll be happy getting anything out of this grow.

It’s a bit hard to see because of the leaves tucked in the front, but it’s well lollipoped.


That’s about where mine was at when I transitioned.


Thanks for the feedback!

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Got a blueberry growing right now as well. Cheers!


Day 89 9/44 of Flower.
Seeing her stating to flower! Exciting. I keep getting small, sporadic, occasional burned tips. Seems a bit worse now. Any ideas?

I added about 5ml’s of #5 on Monday thinking it might need some CalMag? No love. Dispensing happened as normal on Saturday when I did the water change.


Day 104, Flower Day 24/44 I think I trimmed a bit too much early on. I didn’t really understand how bud sites work. But she is developing trichomes, we’ll see how she grows.
No idea what I can expect for yield.


I flushed for 3 days and harvested yesterday and I’m drying. Going to try vacuumed seal curing. I’ll likely get a 1/4 oz from the harvest.

She was always stumpy and only one bud got up past 2nd fan. I’m pleased overall to get a harvest from my 1st grow. Looking forward to weighing in a few days.

Going for an auto for my next grow and planning to be more hands-off as an experiment. Planning to at least double my yield and hoping to do much better than that!

I learned so much!



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I just finished drying and before curing I’m at .4 oz, which is about what I expected. I’m trying the vacuum pack drying method using a Waring Pro Vacuum Gun and resealable bags. There is a hydrometer and a bovida pack in there. Should be ready to go in a couple of weeks.