Cash Crop 7 $800 complete grow box

Before I start, please keep in mind, we are all used to $2000 fully automated Grobos, not $800 set it yourself :grinning: boxes. So this will, of course, seem not as feature filled compared to a Grobo, but “so far” I really like it and possibly plan to get a 2nd and replace all 3 Grobos down the road.

Pardon the mess in the picture, :rofl: yes I messed up and spilled all over and some other things, but I did move BOTH grows, plus my clone, from the 2 Grobos to the 1 Cash Crop 7.

I just got this today so can’t answer a lot of questions yet, but I will say Dealzer support is TOP NOTCH. I probably emailed them more times in the last few days :rofl: than every other customer combined as I didn’t want to be ripped off again, so I asked everything and then some.


This picture is NOT what it is supposed to look like. I messed something up and they are going to fix it.

This is a small inconspicuous grow box, not the largest box around like the one Super Closet model or not like some grow tent setups. it is a small inconspicuous setup similar to Grobo.


I was just checking this out on Amazon yesterday!! Thanks for the good review!


If you can do a few things manually, does not seem bad, It comes with this timer type strip and everything plugged in one side is on the timer, the other side it is always on. The one cord that is not plugged in, is the drain pump. but I dont have the drain pump in yet.


Do you feel like it’s going to be tall enough? I was looking at this and it seemed quite short.


Get a tape measure and measure the Grobo from the floor to the plant, then measure from the top down to where the real grow space starts. Not much difference, a lot of wasted space in the Grobos. :rofl: Maybe 3 inches and this is foot shorter…


Nice. I will definitely be following your progress on this grow. Thanks for the info!


I still think tent is the way to go for now and the future… You never locked into a space… Worst case is you buy a bigger tent and all the gear can move into the bigger tent. Why lock yourself into 1 company?

But for what it is it looks nice


I’d love to have a tent but I live where it’s a no! no! To have any of it! I wish that was an option for me cuz I’d much rather have a tent then try and find 1 of these boxes.


My only problem with this is the height, it is shorter than grobo and most plants outgrow that! I am leaning towards a tent for sure, I am thinking the bud grower hydro kit is what I am leaning towards!

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But nobody would know it is in your house??

Only ppl I don’t want to know like kids and family members. It’s a little easier to hide in a box that looks like it could be anything. Less questions asked I guess.


Gotcha makes a lot more sense now that you say that!


Think that’s the Only reason I & most buyers commit to these stealth boxes
Luv a small tent but 1: being :uk: & 2: A Local Authority Tenant so a Tent is a No! No! :roll_eyes:!!


Why am I greyed out all the time :thinking:??

Sorry I was not around last night. Yes, this is small, but I want something I can have right there and unplug, if needed like if my parents come over, and it is just a box/file cabinet. :grinning: This is not for every one, more for people limited to small spaces and prefer privacy about it.

I did talk to someone that had an older one, and they said learn some training and watch some videos on bending and buy some of the clips off Amazon and you will be fine.

One thing I like and I might be nuts :grinning: this is the box “YOU and I” would build. if we went to the basement, grabbed some tools and supplies. This would be what we would probably end up with and I really like that. Simplicity, if the air pumps goes, right there :grinning:, if the fan goes, right there, lights right there…

I cant see anything going wrong that “I” can’t simply fix and I like that. I already have a spare air pump, fan, side lights. I took all that from one of the Grobos for a backup.

Will have to wait a few weeks to see what happens and will update.


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Here are 3 Grobos worth of things rushed into this for now, as none of my 3 work at all. :rofl:
I am not planning to keep it like this :grinning: just need to think. Pretty sure 3 is to much for this box, but gotta do for a little bit.


They were so nice and sent me a 2nd container free, so now I can either pump a drain/fill or just swap containers. I am going to try swapping the container today as I have never done that and see how it is. I like the idea as now I can dose it and get it ready on the counter/table and just swap it out.

Think I will do this when it is small, then use the pump drain/fill once it gets bigger.


I imagine this will be more difficult when there big. Do you still think you can swap containers at full size