GreenPlanet Duel Fuel replacing Grobo bottles 3 & 4

I had 1 bottle of 3 left, but no 4; so I decided to replace both 3 & 4 at the same time once I was ready to transplant. I am transplanting a ILGM Skywalker OG.

Unfortunately this plant accidentally went into flower last week. I skipped drying my last harvest in the Grobo and put the Start in the box to use the lights at a 20 hour cycle. I also topped, trimmed, and started LST. I was hoping this would get it back to veg, so far it still seems to be flowering.
I don’t think this will matter to finding out whether or not GreenPlanet Duel Fuel is a good replacement for Grobo nutes.

*funny thing: Duel Fuel 1 is almost exactly the same color as Grobo 3 is. Duel Fuel 2 is a little cloudier than Grobo 4 was. - Its looking like the assumption that Grobo was just watering down GreenPlanet is probably correct.

I used Rhino Skin in my last 3 grows, switching to Armor Si for this one. (Its just easier to get) I believe Rhino Skin gave my plants really strong stems.


So you recommend the dual fuel

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Also what made it go in flower if you didn’t flip lights it must be a auto seed??

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Man what type of operation u got going there look :eyes: interesting :face_with_monocle::+1:t2::dash::seedling:

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@Suffland1109 As far as a recommendation; stay tuned. But Id say it is still the closest thing to the what Grobo was selling us and it should work the same way.
Im willing to also give General Hydroponics Flora series a try, it seems like it could work with the auto dosing system; but it is not setup like Grobo nutes were with nitrates, sulfates, and calmag for 3, 4, & 5.

She went into flower while in the Start - because my wife started moving it around the room to be in sun spots and unplugged it without telling me! :rofl:
She did not know to put it on the blue light for 13 hours and it started to flower 2 days later.


@Chopo816 I just had to throw the Start into my Grobo unit for a 20 hour light cycle until I had time to clean the unit and transplant. If your asking about the light sticks; I think they helped my last grow. They were cheap enough to be worth trying.

I bought a 6 stick pack, I only found 4 sticks searching today.

…I also bought some adhesive backed magnets to stick them to the walls.


Any recommendation on Grobo 1, 2 & 5?? I’m nearing the end of my current grow and will want to try another as long as I can find the nutrients.


@twaustin6 You can look at the material data sheets (ingredients ratios) for the Grobo bottles. The links are posted on this site and were still up on the Grobo site as of last weekend.
I will probably get General Hydroponic PHup and PHdown for bottles 1&2, and I may use Botanicare CalMag (Hydrogaurd brand) or General Hydroponics for bottle #5. So far I only looked into the bottle 5 data sheet and compared it to GreenPlanets Pro Cal, it looked similar enough. GreenPlanet is not easy to get on the West coast, so am trying to find another brand for that.


The best way I can see around this problem is this

For bottle 1

Buy Potassium Carbonate (PH up)

For Bottle 2

Buy Phosphoric Acid around 10% (Ph down)

Fill the bottle…

Now for 3,4,5 fill them with water

Get a bucket with water… Mix your nutes (Brand of your choice) in the bucket fill Grobo with that water… Let Grobo adjust the Ph

Simply as that

Trying to find direct replacement for nutes that grobo can dispense isn’t going to be easy


I don’t know @Mpower11 I think its already been done. Go ahead and have a look at the data sheets, they are far too close to be coincidental.
Do you think Grobo made their own nutes? Or based on how well they ran their business; do you think its more likely they bought something in bulk, and then watered it down for us? Or possibly they just copied some other nutrients ingredient list.

No offence; its a good solution if you want to not use the auto dosing and you want to hand mix the nutrients, or if you think your getting better nutes this way. Its probably only a matter of time before we have to do that anyway.


I think there plan was to buy in bulk and bottle it in Waterloo.

I haven’t compared the Mds sheets I guess the question would be did they buy a existing nute as is from a supplier or did they have a supplier custom blend the nutes for them?

I think making your own batch is the way to go. Grobo units push to high of a Ec anyways. Just about all grow’s is see have nute burn on the plants. Only reason I can see they do this is because they wanted to sell more nutes to make more $$$.


Yeah, I agree. But im trying to use the auto dosing for now.
Good point about the burn!
I believe they used the Duel Fuel and watered it down with twice the amount of water that was already in it. Im not watering mine down yet, but if I start seeing nute burn Ill try diluting it.


If you’re looking to auto dose it sounds like you’re on the right track


That’s all Grobo did was take other people products and put there name on it first they had the blue labs cleaning kit and the blue labs ph probe then they made there on and stuck there name on it so I agree they definitely took dual fuel recipe and watered it down and bottle 5 is calmag. They also sold enhancer Co2 bottle first then took there and made they own . So they definitely was coping people Products!!!


1 week of 20 hours of light and 5 days of Duel Fuel and things seem normal.
Stems under flowers look like they are pushing the flowers up, hopefully she’s back in veg



3 weeks after transfer to Grobo and Duel Fuel nutes.

This is my 3rd Start transfer and 5th Grobo grow. Using Duel Fuel undiluted is actually working better than the Grobo nutes ever did.


Grobo #3 on the left, Duel Fuel #1 on the right


Damn your right. Looks good af


She is almost ready for transition and looking good. Leaves have returned to being 5 point, even a couple 7 point.


What do you use for bottle 5

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