My Start grows keep flowering before transplant

This 13 hour cycle will not keep my plants from flowering in the Start. I have been pushing past 6 weeks, at first intentionally but also after just extending the current grow unexpectedly for a week.
Anyone else experience this?

I tried taking a strip light from inside my Grobo and sticking it on the outside, then placed the Start next to it. That added a couple hours on to the 13, but it still flowered. I’m thinking maybe some kind of clip-on grow light where I can get it up to 18-20 hours of light might work.

Any ideas?

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this is what I did daily to keep a START grow in vegetative stage for quite a long time…

  • usually wake up @ 7 am, drink a cup of joe, and plug in my START and set for 13 hrs (blue light)

  • eat dinner @ 7 pm, unplug and the replug my START and set for 8 hrs (green light)

  • try for 20 hours a day but at times go over or sometimes go under

  • not much of a hassle once incorporated into a daily routine

  • i do recommend transferring any START seedling to your permanent grow medium in the 1st week of so of seeing life…i do not recommend doing this :crazy_face: it turned out great but the container was too small for when she got bigger…she would drink the container dry in just a couple of days and refilling constantly become a hassle

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