Nutrient Options - Any Listing of the alternatives

Now that you can’t order new nutrients, anyone have a good list of alternatives for the 1 through 5 bottles.

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Someone all ready had the anaswer in the advance grow section:

Nutrients for GroBo

Bottle 1 is PH UP (BLUE IN COLOR) no dilution
Bottle 2 is PH DOWN (ORANGE IN COLOR) no dilution
Bottle 3 Green (FLORA GRO) 2-1-6 (no dilution)
Bottle 4 Pink (FLORA BLOOM) 0-5-4 (no dilution)
Bottle 5 Brown (FLORA MICRO) 5-0-1 (no dilution)


@dthomasdigital I am growing my best Grobo grow ever after replacing Grobo nutes with GreenPlanet Duel Fuel.