Replacement Nutrients for the Grobo

Hey Growers!
Man, that is too bad about what’s happening with the Grobo company. Welp, I’m on day 26 of a grow and in need of some replacement nutes. (I’m sure many of us are in the same boat) Are there any recommendations? Or am I going to have to end this grow?


Nah! Don’t end grow I’d say just in regards I’m gonna do same if so
Research all the nutes they
Buy a good reputable one ( hoping will get that info with users) and stay away from organic and maybe dilute too! The reservoir holds pretty much no more than 3gallons my use 2.5!
I would self add as per nutes you decide on amd follow to the hydroponic dosage.
Not sure if that helps. Me I am questing overthinking all aspects as of now


I have used the 3 step Advanced Nutrient’s Ph Perfect Micro, Grow, Bloom and works well I think. 1 tablespoon each from start to finish for the Grobo size. Then later in the cycle add Bud Candy, Big Bud, Overdrive and all that if you wanted.


Not sure if this helps you

Bottle 1 = Potassium Carbonate 9%
Bottle 2 = Orthophosphoric acid 10%

Bottle 3 = Water 68-95%
Calcium Nitrate 10-34%
Potassium Nitrate: 3-7 %
Edetic Acid: 1-3%

Bottle 4 =

Water: 52-82%
Magnesium Sulfate: 6-20%
Potassium Dihydrogen Orthophosphate 6-14%
Potassium Sulfate 6-14%

Bottle 5 =

Water 80-95%
Calcium Nitrate 3-10%
Magnesium Nitrate 2-4%
Edetic Acid 1-2%


The PDF’s on this page will tell you what is in the Grobo bottles. You can then compare the same sheets from other hydroponic manufacturers webpages to find something close.


Im starting here based on a suggestion on the Discord site.


If Grobo does not come back, refilling will not work. Your going need to mix your own I am pretty sure. Why start from scratch when they been doing this 50 years so we dont have to.


I was online just going thru some web pages and I came across company’s still selling grobos I also saw that they marked up nutrients on their page to 24.99 for just 1 bottle yikes! On the grobo website they were only 9.99. They were sold out so demand is there! I did come across this cool pic… why wasn’t this the gen 1 I’ve never seen this model.


Hey guys Ive been trying to log into the site lately and wound up here. Looks like a lot has changed in the past week. Can someone point me in the direction of a good nutrient replacement website since I can’t find any that are meant for my grow box anymore


So I decided on Sensi Grow & Bloom. Has anyone replaced the nutes in the bottles with other nutes besides grobos?


Nope but join the post that reads need nutes and pods. That might help some. We are trying to see if there’s anyway to work it.


Hello I need help!! What I can use to sub the nutes


So I want everyone to get the most they can out of there Grobo’s :wink: , General Hydroponics has a 3 part system as well as PH up and PH Down , for those of you who seen my 420 Express Pineapple express I grew, this is what I used. No dilution. The only important note when using these nutrients is the flush stage needs to be extended 4-7 Days. And you use the grobo nutrient bottles just make sure they are cleaned out good before using with new nutrients, and buy a funnel kit I have a 5 pack and GH Nutrients can be bought in small to very large sizes for all there bottles.

I know this will help all of you

                                         Mr.420 ;)


I don’t suppose you could narrow this list down a little as there seems to be quite a few General Hydroponics" Nutes to choose from :thinking::flushed::wink:


I sure can :wink: This will be important for everyone still using Grobo’s.

  1. Bottle 1 is PH UP (BLUE IN COLOR) no dilution

  2. Bottle 2 is PH DOWN (ORANGE IN COLOR) no dilution

  3. Bottle 3 Green (FLORA GRO) 2-1-6 (no dilution)

  4. Bottle 4 Pink (FLORA BLOOM) 0-5-4 (no dilution)

5.Bottle 5 Brown (FLORA MICRO) 5-0-1 (no dilution)

Mr.420 :wink:


this is my personal recommendation for an easy to use alternative nutrients for grobo:

  • add and mix in a bucket in this order…distilled H2O, hydroguard, cal mag, GH flora series line, pH up as needed

  • drain/fill but no need for grobo nutrients bottles anymore…the 3, 4, and 5 bottles were water downed, expensive and not comparable to other nutrient product lines that are available

  • perform the drain/fill with new nutrients once a week like typical grobo maintenance …process take no longer than 5 -10 minutes.



Nice one m8 cheers :beers:

So :crossed_fingers: we can sort the app/program out :wink:

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Awesome post bud :ok_hand::metal::wink:



I’m about to start using a AeroGarden Sprout for germination & Veg before Transfer to grobo

Can I use this mix in the Sprout or does she need a Dedicated Germination Mix :thinking:

I managed to buy 2 bags of Grobo Start Mix so I’m OK for now but will eventually need a replacement :wink:

I thought bottle 5 was calmag?