Vicc's Grow Misadventures

I couldn’t think of a proper title for this run yet.

Decided to start back up again and dropped a few seeds into water today. Its been a while and I have the itch.

Special thanks to @FireGuy, @Aang and @GameDevGrower for the donations


Good luck Vic! Excited to watch you start your new grow!


Thanks @Aang , looking forward to just growing again in general and got tired of waiting for problems to pass before getting started. I figured I should just outsmart the problems tossed at me instead of waiting for them to pass.



75%-70% RH in the dome.

Transplanted them into cups and started hitting them with a fan and humidifier at 70% and will drop down to 65% when ready for veg




Veg week 1

I am using the coco canna line this time around


Early Veg

After 1 week of HST topping, i will cleab up the nodes and swaz in a few days.


Some more HST

Before haircut


Took a while but got them all done. Will probably top them once more next week

They bounced back overnight


nice trim as they are lookin’ good :scissors:


More cropping to even them out


After Crop

Then the swaz


How tall do u let the get before u flip them :+1:t4::dash::seedling:

I actually have another question for u the last 2 grows I did outside in my yard I caught mold in a few Colas I remember u saying ur parents grow out doors so my question is how do u prevent that I’ve been eliminating more leaves then I’ve ever done just cause I thought that is what’s building the mold when it rains the leaves take longer to dry when u have so many :+1:t4::dash::seedling:

@Chopo816 normally id flip them already however i am on vacation so im keeping them in veg much longer than i normally would. Id say 2.5 ft is good to flip.

Depending on your outdoor RH, you may need to build a greenhouse or treat them regularly with microbes and peroxide foliar to treat the mold.


Oh ok thanks for that I usually was just chopping the parts that got infected when u say treat how would I do that 2.5 ft ok that’s gd to know as well how tall is ur tent I see u have the bars as ur light witch my friend has the same one so I know u can get that light pretty close to the top of ur tent mine hangs down from the ropes that it came with so I lose almost a ft but my tent is 7ft tall how tall is yours :+1:t4::dash::seedling:

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Mix 1/3 part peroxide and 2/3 part water (i use this same solutuon to germinate my seeds and i normally get 100% success and bigger sprouts). Spray your plant 2-3 times a week and make sure you have good air flow

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Thanks for that bro really appreciate that so u can use that same method to germinate defiantly gonna try that :+1:t4::dash::seedling:

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The plants love the peroxide mix. It always makes them happy after i spray them down

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Thanks :pray:t3: again can believe I ain’t think :thought_balloon: of asking u sooner I really thought :thinking: to myself it had to do with the amount of leaves :maple_leaf: I was leaving on the plant :seedling: thanks :blush: again :+1:t4::dash::seedling:

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