What are you smoking?

Its such a great feeling knowing that the medicine you’re smoking was grown by you.

Cracked open the jar of this Runtz Buttons to smoke a little this morning and thought I’d share :slight_smile: Smells like chocolate funk/OG. Tastes alot like it smells. Nice clear headed high.

This was grown from a cut given to me by @Vicc

Easy to grow and trim. Super frosty and greasy.
Very tasty but not sure she’s a keeper. There are definitely better phenos of this to be hunted.

Some various pics of her.


That my first batch ever produced, this week
Pretty happy with the end result


I got this kit, and now I will never throw trim to compost anymore


Strain: Banana OG
Aroma: Banana Sandalwood
Smoke: Smooth and lots of sweet banana notes

This bud was from a cut I also got from @GameDevGrower. It started in my Tent as the smallest and over took all other plants in 3 weeks.


If i was owning a seed company, i would hire you right now

You convinced me, i need this strain :slight_smile:


SLH with a little kief thrown in…gonna take me for a ride tonight :rofl::rofl:.


It looks so delicious it make me think…

and it’s only the idea of a guy who smoke and drinks too much on a Friday night
(and will stay home, not take his car, and kiss goodnight his wife and daughter)

but what about we start an exchange group, between Canadians
Because we have to respect the law, and i fucken plane on respecting them

But according to the law, we Canadians can have 150 grams at home, grow 4 plants AND send it perfectly legally across Canada, by mail, as long as we respect a few rules clearly stated by Post Canada web site
Basically, it have to be in a tracked smelless box sent to an adult who will not give you money for it

So, what about we start an exchange group… and here the word exchange is important

I have a little bit too much Bruce Banner, and I think it would by nice to send it to someone in BC who have too much Strawberry Banana crossed with Laughing Buddha or what ever

as long as we respect all the Canadians laws and makes no profit


Kinda want to move to Canada now! :laughing:

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And we got bacon, cookies, maple syrup and beer that contain more than piss percent alcohol.

I rest my case

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Haha! U had me at 4 plants and post mailing buds!

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Finally tapping into some Jelly Rancher. Dried but not cured yet.

The grow aroma was some god awful, nasty sweaty gym sock and earthy sweet.

The dry is a whole different animal. Straight cotton candy/strawberry.


Holy Macoroni
It’s sooo white, there is no green left